Vertical Garden Aquaponics

In his retirement Peter Pannys has turbo charged his small back yard into a high yield organic sustainable vegetable farm.

Peter Pannys with his vertical garden aquaponics system.

By “word of mouth” Peter has foodies visiting daily from locally and interstate, where he has pleasure in explaining how they too can eat out of a small area, using Wallgarden to grow vertically.

Farming fish with aquaponics in a small garden. Fish farmed using aquaponics in a DIY home garden.

Peter grows fish and pumps the nutrient produced all around the Wallgarden modules, and gets to eat the fish, probably with a home grown salad.

Vegetables grown at home using water pump systems. Tomatoes grown with a high water rentention potting mix.

Staggering results using this one way aquaponics system and high water retention potting mix.

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