Vertical Garden Excess Water Management

Water escaping from the bottom of vertical gardens can be a problem when over decking, paths, balconies, or inside. Here is how Wallgarden customers have overcome this problem.

Planter box with a drip tray; adjust flow rate to water the planter box adequately. Plant out to form a seamless vertical garden.

Mount a household gutter, paint matt black and you will never see it again. Silicone in irrigation tube and run to another garden, or to storm water if you have to.

Trough to capture excess water, treat to stop mosquitoes breeding. Add a pond pump with timer to recycle to the top of the Wallgarden. Check pump head height to flow rate to ensure enough water flow. Optionally, have a licensed plumber fit town/tank supply and ball cock.

The best solution, plant a garden at the base of Wallgarden.

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