Wallgarden Vertical Garden System Saves Water

We have drought conditions throughout parts of Australia, water restrictions are in place and more are predicted.

Wallgarden has advantages to save water, the largest amount of potting mix per plant, therefore holding more moisture in the root system.

When watering a plant in the ground, water runs past the roots requiring a lot of water for the plant to grow. The large amount of potting mix in Wallgarden pots captures this water.

Water draining from one vertical gardening pot to another.Further saving water, our system directs this run past water to the next pot etc, etc.

For eight years we have been running a system seven high, 10 litres into the top pot, half a litre exits the bottom.

Doing a moisture reading when it settles down, say 4Hrs, each pot will have the same top to bottom moisture reading.

The maths, 3 x plants/pot, 7 x pots/10 litres of water = 0.48 litres/plant. The same ratio applies to Multi-Hang modules.

Our estimate, 60% to 80% water savings compared to a plant in the ground!

Wallgarden module 16.2 litres 3 x plants = 5.4 litres/plant. Multi-Hang 4.7 litres/plant.

Potting mix quality contributes highly to water saving, visit plant species guide.

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