The DIY Vertical Garden Greenwall System

Vertical gardens and greenwalls by Wallgarden. Proudly made in Australia!

Our DIY friendly vertical garden kit has more potting mix per plant, needed for root ball growth, but of most importance, better water retention.

Capacity of Multi-Hang 4.7 litres/plant, Wallgarden is 16.3 litres, 5.4 litres/plant with 3 plants/pot.

Natural & Better Plant Growth

Plants thrive, designed to ensure natural drainage just like plants in your garden bed, further, maximum drainage holes to give correct aeration/plant.

Grow more plant varieties that grow fuller and healthier.

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Grow Herbs & Veggies

Large quantity of potting mix per plant, excellent drainage and aeration, ensures, Wallgarden is the only vertical garden system to successfully grow herbs and veggies.

Compare our price/M 2 you will find we are the lowest cost in Australia

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More for Your Dollar!

Best of all, costing less than half the price of similar vertical garden systems, Wallgarden is easier on the back pocket! Green walls and edible wall gardens have never been so affordable.

5 x Wallgarden modules, cover one sq. metre. In most states, under $100/sq.m.

16 x Multi-Hang modules, cover one sq. metre. In most states, under $120/sq.m.

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New Multi-Hang

Save money, from common building products at your local hardware store, build your own rack to clip the modular Multi-Hang.

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