Grow your Garden Up with Wallgarden

  • Would you like to create an impressive, lush garden feature - but without the expensive price tag?
  • Are you looking for a green solution for a small garden, apartment or courtyard?
  • Would you love having a display of healthy, thriving plants?

With Wallgarden, it’s so easy to create a show stopping garden up on a fence, shed, wall or building. From a full size green wall to a small herb wall garden, you are only limited by your imagination.

Even if you have a garden of considerable size, there are so many benefits to having your own green wall garden.

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see a stunning green wall feature in your backyard – add the WOW factor and impress your friends!

Why Have A Green Wall Garden?

Not only does Wallgarden allow you to create a striking green wall, but there are so many other reasons why you will benefit from having a green wall. Here’s a few:

  • HIGHLY WATER EFFICIENT: Did you know that when you create a Wallgarden green wall garden, its cleverly patented design actually saves you water! In fact, you’ll only need to use 20% of the water you would need for the very same plants in the ground. Not only is this great for the environment but it saves you money!
  • THRIVING PLANTS: No-one likes spending good money on plants only to find that they quickly die or dry out. Your plants will thrive in the Wallgarden system. They are less prone to drying out than pot plants – all due to the clever, unique design!
  • GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH: Having ready access to the freshest, healthiest veggies and herbs without any nasties on them will make a big difference to your health. They are much healthier than supermarket bought produce.
  • MAKES CREATIVITY EASY: If you change your mind or want to do something different later, it can be difficult and time consuming rearranging plants in the ground. With Wallgarden’s modular planters, you can simply rearrange your herbs, veggies, flowers or plants at any time. You can also make your green wall display as big or as small as you like, and take it with you when you move house.

Why Choose The Wallgarden Green Wall System?

Wallgarden are the leaders in green wall gardens, having driven the trend of having green wall gardens in our homes. We even patented our carefully thought out design, which provides plants with the best chance to thrive – with much less water and maintenance.

Wallgarden costs significantly less than our competitors simply due to our design – without resorting to cheap short cuts and materials.

With over 200 retailers stocking the Wallgarden Australia wide, you can get some ideas and see some examples in store.

Search for a stockist of the WallGarden green wall garden here and enjoy the most cost effective, space saving green wall garden available on the market. You’ll be so glad you did!