The Wallgarden Vertical Garden System

What is Wallgarden?

Wallgarden Turns A Wall Into A Garden

Wallgarden brings the amazing vertical garden to the home. With the simplest DIY installation, you can turn any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing green wall or vertical edible garden!

There's an excellent spot for Wallgarden in any home, whether you've got acres of space or just a balcony in your highrise apartment. Wallgarden allows you to grow a garden where you didn't think you could.

Green walls, edible wall gardens & vertical gardens have never been easier with Wallgarden!

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Why Is Wallgarden Better?

Easier to Install

There's no complicated clips that cost and arm and a leg. Wallgarden installs simply with everyday supplies from your hardware, a screwdriver & a drill. And you have a green wall!

Better Plant Growth

Wallgarden doesn't use bags which can cause odour & reduce plant life. In this vertical garden system, plants grow upward, the natural way, so they grow fuller & healthier for longer.

For a Lower Price!

Best of all, costing less than half the price of similar vertical garden & green wall systems, Wallgarden is easier on the back pocket. So you get more vertical garden for less!

Natural & Better Plant Growth

More potting mix per plant in our vertical garden products. More room for root growth and greater water retention! Capacity Wallgarden 16.3 litres, Multi-Hang 4.7 litres.

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