Why Choose a Vertical Garden?

Does your garden have boring or unattractive bare walls or fences?

Are you limited with space to create an eye-catching garden or feature?

Here’s a simple and cost effective way to turn dull and dreary backyards or walls into beautiful, lush vertical gardens that are the envy of all your friends!

Wallgarden is Australia’s leading vertical garden, with a patented design that is the most cost effective and water efficient on the market.

With Wallgarden, you can create a stunning vertical garden of herbs, veggies, plants and flowers.

Vertical Garden Benefits

Not only do our vertical garden kits help you to create a spectacular green wall, but they also offer a host of other benefits, including:

  • Suitable for any amount of space. With a customisable, modular design, you can easily mount as many or few planters as you like on a wall, fence, shed or building.
  • Water efficient. When you water the top planter, it drips through to the next planter below. Vertical gardens tend to use only 20% of the water used to irrigate the same plant in the ground
  • Convenient. You can grow your herbs or veggies close to your kitchen, so you can add freshly picked ingredients while you’re cooking
  • Portable. You can take your vertical garden with you when you move, saving you money on a new garden
  • Chop and change your design. Unlike planting in the ground, at any time you can easily rearrange your garden by moving around the planters
  • Less prone to drying out than pot plants. Watch plants thrive in the Wallgarden.
  • Creates a feature wall that’s only limited by your imagination!

Why Choose A Wallgarden Vertical Garden?

Wallgarden are the Australian specialists in vertical gardens. With a patented design promising a surefire, never fail, irrigation system, we have led the fast growing trend of backyard vertical gardens in Australia.

Wallgarden’s vertical garden kits are available at a fraction of the cost of competitor products on the market, and our planters are of a much more generous size - without compromising on quality. You can see for yourself, with around 200 retailers stocking the Wallgarden Australia wide, most with examples on display for you to see.

To purchase the easiest, most cost effective and space saving vertical garden kit available, search for a stockist of Wall Garden here and create a stunning, lush, green garden that looks so amazing, no-one will believe that you did it yourself!