Planning Your Wallgarden

Multi-hang Planning

16 Multi-Hang planters covers one square meter. Multi-Hang is designed to have minimum, hook to hook spacings of 250mm. The panel mesh or Rio should be 50mm from, wire rod to wire rod below, ie top to bottom. Use minimum of 4mm diameter wire rod.

Green wall planning guide

Wallgarden Planning

When spacing your Wallgarden green wall side to side, you can plant towards the ends, then separate by up to 100mm, giving you full plant coverage!

Spacings between Wallgarden modules in the diagram are 50mm. Space further apart for taller plants.

Please compare the cost to coverage, Wallgarden is the lowest cost by far as. As you can see, it takes approximately 5 Wallgarden units to cover 1 square metre.

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Green wall planning guide

456mm distance between mounting hole centres.