We have drought conditions throughout parts of Australia, water restrictions are in place and more are predicted.

Wallgarden has advantages to save water, the largest amount of potting mix per plant, therefore holding more moisture in the root system.

When watering a plant in the ground, water runs past the roots requiring a lot of water for the plant to grow. The large amount of potting mix in Wallgarden pots captures this water.

Further saving water, our system directs this run past water to the next pot etc, etc.

For eight years we have been running a system seven high, 10 litres into the top pot, half a litre exits the bottom.

Doing a moisture reading when it settles down, say 4Hrs, each pot will have the same top to bottom moisture reading.

The maths, 3 x plants/pot, 7 x pots/10 litres of water = 0.48 litres/plant. The same ratio applies to Multi-Hang modules.

Our estimate, 60% to 80% water savings compared to a plant in the ground!

Wallgarden module 16.2 litres 3 x plants = 5.4 litres/plant. Multi-Hang 4.7 litres/plant.

Potting mix quality contributes highly to water saving, visit plant species guide.


Vertical Garden Excess Water Management

Water escaping from the bottom of vertical gardens can be a problem when over decking, paths, balconies, or inside. Here is how Wallgarden customers have overcome this problem.

Planter box with a drip tray; adjust flow rate to water the planter box adequately. Plant out to form a seamless vertical garden.

Mount a household gutter, paint matt black and you will never see it again. Silicone in irrigation tube and run to another garden, or to storm water if you have to.

Trough to capture excess water, treat to stop mosquitoes breeding. Add a pond pump with timer to recycle to the top of the Wallgarden. Check pump head height to flow rate to ensure enough water flow. Optionally, have a licensed plumber fit town/tank supply and ball cock.

The best solution, plant a garden at the base of Wallgarden.


Vertical Garden Aquaponics

In his retirement Peter Pannys has turbo charged his small back yard into a high yield organic sustainable vegetable farm.


By “word of mouth” Peter has foodies visiting daily from locally and interstate, where he has pleasure in explaining how they too can eat out of a small area, using Wallgarden to grow vertically.

peter5 peter2

Peter grows fish and pumps the nutrient produced all around the Wallgarden modules, and gets to eat the fish, probably with a home grown salad.

peter3 peter6

Staggering results using this one way aquaponics system and high water retention potting mix.


Grow Your Garden Up With Wallgarden

  • Would you like to create an impressive, lush garden feature – but without the expensive price tag?
  • Are you looking for a green solution for a small garden, apartment or courtyard?
  • Would you love having a display of healthy, thriving plants?

Click here to find out more about growing your garden up with Wallgarden


Vertical Garden, Installation & Operation.

Wallgarden has recently completed a 4.5 minute video to clarify installation and operation.

vertical garden installation & operation

to download for offline viewing click this link.  http://www.fuzzytv.com.au/wallgarden/wallgardenpromo.mp4.zip

This is quite big, so you may have to wait a few minutes, depending on your server.

So be patient, it is well worth while !

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Wall gardening brings “happiness and joy”

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.51.28 PMRecently at a home show in Melb. I had a queue of people wanting a vertical garden explanation.
Jenny came to me in her turn and said,
“I know all about Wallgarden, my husband and I have fitted out a large wall for my mother.
I just wanted to tell you, you have bought much, “happiness and joy”.
My mother has a small unit in a care home, with her own little garden,
one day a big bad developer erected a 4m high wall 3m from her door.
Mum now has flowers and herbs and veggies growing that she tends every day.
I said, “developing and bringing to market Wallgarden, I too am pleased to hear stories like yours,
would you please send me a photo of your mum with Wallgarden ?”

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